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Blog glitch

Something seems to be wrong with the current blog, but we're supposed to start the spring blog in ten days anyway. If the issue persists, I will post the spring blog early. Be on the lookout for it. That is all.
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(Typing this a second time, since Wikia is being contemptible.)
So, I stayed up all night because I was manically exploring a certain idea I had all of a sudden—a new and mysterious anti-hero whose mission would, in all likelihood, prove a little game-changing. We would not be losing Maretropolis, but the side-arc I have in mind would 1) tie up some unsatisfactory business and loose ends, 2) challenge the current status quo, and 3) give the Four Horses arc some meaning in light of the overarching story.
I can initiate this side-arc as soon as a certain event that we've lately been anticipating in the role play occurs. However, there are a few things I must know before I begin.
1) Are there any new villains planned for the future?
2) Is anyone opposed to such an idea?
3) I need a complete list of the angelic/demonic "things" in Equestria. Here's what I know:

Black and white Venoms [TERMINATED]
Thunder Wing (HQ)
Orb of Conflict [SENT]
Ironworks's blowtorches [SENT]
Ironworks's brimstone (HQ)
Pestilence [TERMINATED]
War [SENT]
Obscure Acolyte [TERMINATED]
Ramiel [SENT]
Hawkwing's sword [SENT]
Achlys [SENT]
Gunslinger's bullets [SENT]
Excalibur [SENT]
Battlegrounds guardian [SENT]
????? (?????????)
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