Agent Nox
Kind Earth pony
Residence Stabelle Reve Penitentiary
Nicknames None
Sex Male
Inspiration Flash Thompson
Powers Proficiency in hoof-to-hoof combat
Experienced marksmanship
With symbiote exoskeleton:
  • Super strength, agility, reflexes and endurance
  • Stretchable limbs
  • Limited shape-shifting and camouflage
Weakness Intense heat and sound
Resistance None
Secret identity Gale Sentry
Theme None
Player Imperfect

Gale Sentry is the captain of the prison guard detail at the supervillain detention center Stabelle Reve Penitentiary. Following an organized attack on the prison, Gale bonded to an alien symbiote and, with the help of the symbiote and several others, succeeded in liberating the prison, its employees, and its inmates. Forging a symbiotic partnership with the organism, Gale Sentry named it Nox. Together, they form the one-pony fighting force Agent Nox.


Coming from a long line of law enforcers, Gale takes his job and duty very seriously. This however causes him to come off as unsociable and hostile, especially to his subordinates. Regardless, he has a strong sense of justice and integrity, and he is willing to do whatever is necessary to keep the peace.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a prison guard captain, Gale Sentry is a proficient hoof-to-hoof combatant and marksman. When fully bonded with Nox, Gale possesses unnatural physical strength and reflexes. He can stretch his hooves to amazing lengths and can even temporarily morph his hooves into makeshift weapons for bludgeoning, such as a hammer or spiked mace.



Nox is perhaps one of the few living things in Equestria that Gale considers a friend, perhaps due to the nature of their relationship. Though they share a mutual respect for one another, Gale enjoys teasing and poking fun at Nox.

Masked Matter-HornEdit

The Masked Matter-Horn is one of Gale's oldest acquaintances. She was the one who first recommended him for the guard captain position at Stabelle Reve.