Kind Pegasus
Residence Mobile
Nicknames C.G, Carnage
Sex Male
Inspiration Carnage
Powers Superhuman strenght
Superhuman speed
Superhuman stamina
Superhuman agility
Superhuman reflexes
Superhuman durability
Healing factor
Wall crawling
Camouflage capabilities
Weaponry shapeshifting
Immunity to Spider-Mane's Spider-Sense
Weakness Fire
Resistance Blunt trauma
Secret identity Cletus Grassady
Theme Perfect Insanity (Disturbed)
Player ShadowPirateX
"I'll paint the whole damn prison red with your blood!"
— Cletus Grassady before becoming Bloodstorm

Bloodstorm is the result of the psychopathic serial killer Cletus Grassady merging with the spawn of Veno-Mare's symbiote. The already dangerous lunatic obsessed with death and chaos became a threat to anything that breathes now that he feels no-one can stop him from doing what he wants. The powers granted to him by the symbiote backs up this belief, as seen when he took on three of the original Power Ponies on his own.

He often leaves his initials "C.G" written in blood on whatever wall that was nearby whenever he goes on a killing spree.


Cletus Grassady had a very troubled childhood. He was constantly mistreated by his abusive parents, his mother even tried to kill him once before being seemingly killed by his father. Cletus gave his father no defense during the ensuing trial, and was sent to an orphanage. His antisocial behaviour made him a prime target of abuse from both the other orphans and the staff. He eventually got his revenge by killing the disciplinarian administrator and burning the orphanage.


Cletus Grassady is a diagnosed psychopath. He is obsessed with the concepts of death and chaos and have no qualms of causing either. He genuinly enjoys killing people, often doing it simply because he can and rarely, if ever, stops at one person. He often makes playful comments during fights and treats everything as one big game. He also believes that life is meaningless and futile, giving further fuel to his bloodlust.

Despite being a murderous psychopath, he does have a soft side. He refuses to directly kill children and occasionally ends up liking certain individuals. He's also not above working with others. Especially not with the promise of maximum carnage.


Spring-Hoofed JackEdit

Bloodstorm has a small rivalry with the famous killer-for-hire Spring-Hoofed Jack. Their relationship has often switched between relatively friendly rivalry to full-on blood war. Bloodstorm is irritated over Jack escaping his wrath and have developed a mild obsession with killing the high-jumping criminal.