Kind Unknown
Residence Cicero
Nicknames Dreadlock
Sex Male
Inspiration None
Powers Telekinesis
Illusion projection
Weakness Physical Force
Resistance None
Secret identity None
Theme None
Player The2ndPlayer

A member of a migratory race of aliens. His species has sacrificed physical power in exchange for enhanced psychic abilities such as basic telekinesis and advanced telepathy. Upon stumbling across the pony race he decided to settle down and have a little fun. Spending his time stirring up trouble while still doing enough good to keep himself from being labeled a villain and being hunted by the incredibly aggressive inhabitants of Equestria.




Levi is rather timid and cowardly, largely due to his lack of understanding of the world and having nearly died because of it. He prefers to stick to what he knows, only really venturing out when prodded by others or given motivation to do so. He likes to stay on good terms with everyone and has a particular fondness for whales.




Her constant bragging and false self-confidence drew Breakdown to her like a moth to a flame. He dedicated a large chunk of his life to making her miserable until she one day got fed up and trapped him at the bottom of the ocean. After making his escape he sought to take vengeance on her only for it to cost him his best friend, Cicero.


Although never having met her personally, Levi still carries a deep fear of Goldfin from his previous life due to having been sealed under the sea.



A whale whose life he saved (with help from Goldfin and Lex), Cicero quickly became Breakdown's best (and only) friend. The two spent large chunks of time together and even risked their lives for each other. His life ended when a crash caused by an EMP caused Cicero to sustain fatal damage. The two blame themselves for the this tragic event.


Despite their time together being rather short, Levi is still very fond of his airborne ally. Even going so far as to keep a carving of him around so he can feel as though he's always near.

The Mane-iacEdit


Breakdown took a great interest in the mad mare. Her insanity and craving for chaos causing him to see her as both a great potential ally and even friend until one day she harmed Cicero. After this Breakdown swore vengeance but due to unfortunate circumstances never achieved it.

Lex LorinerEdit


A business partner of Breakdown's. The two didn't really interact much save for when Breakdown convinced Lex to ally with the seaponies.



Levi feels a strong kinship with this mare, both having similar experiences and being in nearly the same boat. She was the first pony he cultivated a relationship with and the one with which he currently has the strongest, possibly even rivaling the one he had with Cicero. He trust her guidance and would largely be lost without her.

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