Captain Death-Stalker
Kind Unknown
Residence The Death's-Head
Nicknames Davy Jones
Sex Male
Inspiration Death-Stalker
Powers Interdimensional travel
Lightning touch
Ghost ship mastery
Imitation Omnisquito
Eidetic memory
Weakness Inability to manifest far from the Death's-Head
Resistance Physical assault, magic, firearms
Secret identity Sterling Yearling
Theme Isla Tormenta Night (POTCO)
Player Grovyle
"The reaper needs but a touch!"
— A murderous Death-Stalker to Bedew

Captain Death-Stalker, known as Davy Jones to the more superstitious ponies of Equestria, is the unfortunate captain of the Death's-Head, a wretched ghost ship which brings storms and chaos whither it sails. Death-Stalker's alleged undeath is attributable to the failure of one of his own experiments, and although he initially says he longs to reclaim his mortality at any cost, his true intention is rebuilding his criminal empire.


Generations ago, Captain Sterling "Death-Stalker" Yearling was a pirate and a scientist, in part because of his remarkable memory for detail. He was known for memorizing the designs of shipwrights and engineers and applying them for his own use. Sterling Yearling turned the Death's-Head into a cannibal of a ship, a marine monstrosity which was augmented by the very wood and iron of its victims. Among the most sinister of its weapons was its grapple gun, which was strong enough to pierce the hull of an ironclad.

Eventually, the captain's plundering brought him an unlucky physicist's plans for a "sea-displacement ray projector" (S-ray), a device which would be able to harness the power of "deep magic" and teleport a ship to anywhere in the ocean in an instant. Considering it a jackpot haul, Sterling Yearling built the device himself and installed it on the Death's-Head. However, right as he was working out the finishing touches, an unidentified vigilante swept through the ship and dispatched the crew. Panicking, the captain fired the incomplete device, inadvertently blasting himself with the S-ray. The magical machine ripped the captain and his ship from their natural dimension and anchored them to a separate, timeless dimension akin to limbo.

Since then, the pirate captain has abandoned the name Sterling. He and the Death's-Head return to the seas around Equestria regularly; now, with his ship joined to him as though it were his own leg, he travels the deep in search of some means of new technology to plunder.


Captain Death-Stalker is a cruel and pitiless stallion who views other ponies only as tools and prey for his endless greed. Whenever he spies a pony lost at sea or a ship sinking beneath the waves, the Death's-Head approaches, bringing grey skies and rainfall along with its customarily ghastly aura. He offers them a deal: salvation in exchange for service before the mast. Those who are foolish enough to accept his offer find themselves bound to the same limbo as the captain himself, doomed to be obedient or be forever lost to the abyss.

Death-Stalker adores the sea and despises land, possibly because he cannot manifest on terra firma, where the ship cannot travel. For the same reason, he tries to restrain himself when dealing with safe and living sailors, since they are his only link to Equestria. Nevertheless, he exhibits overwhelming menace and revels in his power, gaining their compliance out of sheer terror.



Goldfin is one of the few ponies whom Captain Death-Stalker does not bother trying to intimidate. She is the only pony who is capable of reaching the Death's-Head on a regular basis, so he thaws his icy demeanor somewhat when she is around. Death-Stalker puts up with her presence in his waters for several reasons, the most significant of which are his spite for dry land and her willingness to listen to his story. Goldfin and Death-Stalker agree that the sea is more beautiful and more romantic than anywhere on land, so they have common ground in that regard. Furthermore, Death-Stalker feels a need to confide his true origin in someone he can trust to bolster his notoriety. Goldfin is that mare. Still, he considers her little more than a living diary to inscribe and consult. Despite his relative politeness towards the aquatic Power Pony, Captain Death-Stalker values her only as a pet who exists for his amusement.


Captain Death-Stalker has been immensely interested in Folderol's Omnispell projects from their inception, and lately, he has even permitted personal encounters with the mysterious mastermind. Death-Stalker sees Folderol as both a genius and a fool—one who can create designs that he can exploit for his own benefit. Having memorized Folderol's plans for the "Omnisquito," he has created his own and used it to copy Death Dragon's powers. Death-Stalker also intends to dispose of Folderol and his elementalists as soon as it becomes convenient.


Recently, Captain Death-Stalker has realized that his failure to kill Bedew may prove a blessing. Folderol's apparent unfamiliarity with Shaitan, the dark fiend that Bedew called to help her, has led the captain to believe that Bedew is involved in partnerships that she would like to keep secret from Folderol. With this in mind, Death-Stalker plans either to blackmail Bedew into spilling her master's secrets or use her infidelity to topple Folderol's operation from within.

Unholy ThreeEdit

Death-Stalker employs the help of the Unholy Three, a team composite of Gull-Pony, Shark-Pony, and Crab-Pony—all stupid, greedy, and helpful for heavy lifting. They are more loyal to their employer than to each other.

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