Kind Earth pony
Residence Alleyways of Maretropolis
Nicknames Cog
Hell Knight
Sex Male
Inspiration Cogliostro
Medieval Spawn
Powers Dark magic
Superhuman strenght
Superhuman speed
Superhuman agility
Superhuman senses
Axe mastery
Healing factor
Weakness Heavenly weaponry
Resistance Conventional weaponry
Blunt trauma
Secret identity None
Theme None
Player ShadowPirateX

Cogliostro is perhaps one of the oldest stallions around, at the age of 300. He is the de-facto leader of Maretropolis' homeless and the mentor of Hell Phoenix.


Cogliostro has been around since Equestria's medieval times. Back then he was a powerful Hellspawn known as the Hell Knight. However he desired to commit good-hearted deeds and redeem himself for the sins that had cast him into Hell. Malebolgia, who was a Lord of Hell and the one who turned Cogliostro into a Hellspawn, did not like this and stripped Cogliostro of almost all of his powers. This almost cost him his life in a battle against an angelic hunter. Cogliostro then lived on throughout the rest of time due to his immortality up until the modern days. He had become a leader figure for the homeless people of Maretropoli. He would eventually teach the powers of a Hellspawn to the bounty hunter and Power Pony Dark Shadow A.K.A Hell Phoenix.


Cogliostro is a wise, kind, yet cunning old pony. He has a good-hearted and friendly nature and will try to negotiate peacefully with people, using conflict as a last resort. He shows genuine care for his friends and allies, and will often defend them in battle or comfort them in stressful times. He's very calm and collected and approaches situations in a level-headed manner.

However, he has a darker side. He can be both harsh and cruel, and even a bit brutal at times. Especially if his temper has met it's limit. Like his pupil, he will not hesitate to kill people he feel deserve to die.


Hell PhoenixEdit

Cogliostro is the mentor of Hell Phoenix, having taught him everything he knows of Hell and how it is to be a Hellspawn. Cog and Phoenix shares a close friendship bond and show a lot of respect to each other. Hell Phoenix has often consulted with Cogliostro about difficult situations and the elderly pony has just has often provided useful answers and solutions.