Doctor Octopony, Ph.D
Kind Earth pony
Residence Doctor Octavius' lab (Formely)
Pier 43
Nicknames Doc Ock
Sex Male
Inspiration Doctor Octopus
Powers Genius level intellect
Charismatic leadership abilities
Four super strong and super durable metal tentacles
Weakness None
Resistance None
Secret identity Otto Octavius
Theme None
Player ShadowPirateX

Doctor Otto Octavius was a brilliant scientist within nuclear physics and magic. He had a the idea of a revolutionary power source involving nuclear energy and royal Alicorn magic that could grant Equestria infinite energy, a concept laughed upon by most other scientists. He created four metal tentacles controlled by his mind to assist him in building his power source safely. However, an accident involving said invention permanently fused his tentacles to his spine and caused irreparable brain damage. The mild mannered Otto Octavius was from that day on transformed into the criminal mastermind Doctor Octopony.


Doctor Otto Octavius was a mild mannered and polite stallion. He would often politely introduce himself to others. He was also known for being very devoted to science, often fiercely defending it and encouraging young scientists in the making. Such as his old student, Peter Pastel. He is a very stubborn person who would never give up on his ideals or his projects.

After the accident turning him into Doctor Octopony, he took on a more sinister personality. He began to hold other people's lives in much smaller regard and developed a sardonic sense of humor. He will not hesitate to destroy anyone who gets in his way. Especially if they come between him and science. He no longer has any qualms about doing criminal actions to achieve his goals. But very deep down, he still has the same good intention of giving Equestria eternal energy.


Peter PasternEdit

Doctor Octopony has a close bond with his old student. He saw a lot of scientific potential in the young colt and often gave him encouraging words in both failure and success, as well as telling him to ignore the taunting laughter of Pastern's fellow students. He admires Peter's ability to think outside the box and thus called him in to assist with the project.