Equestrian Bob
Kind Duck griffon
Residence Trottingham (formerly)
Nicknames Duke of Doom
Duck of Doom
Sex Male
Inspiration English Bob
Angel Eyes
Powers Lightning burst peacemakers
Masterful quick draw
Explosives technician
Weakness Direct combat
Resistance None
Secret identity Bill
Theme None
Player Grovyle
"You'll have to excuse my fellow griffon—these persons of unrelenting avarice and barbarism. They don't have a princess to instill in them such ideals as good-will or respect for vested authority."
— Bob's first words to Captain Orbit

Equestrian Bob is the diminutive duck-billed griffon who enforces contracts for the Eastern Friendship Express and commonly does other dirty work on the company's behalf. He is a renowned gunslinger and the subject of the bit-store novel The Duke of Doom by W.W. Bitchomp.


Little is known about the Duck's origin, but everything from his accent to his penchant for tea implies he is from Trottingham. He flaunts his Equestrian citizenship before the poor citizens of Griffonstone—a technical matter, since Trottingham is geographically located in the Griffish Isles. His "Equestrian Bob" persona is a fabrication he conceived after he fled Trottingham, possibly to escape arrest for any number of heinous crimes.

Griffonstone reviles Bob for selling them a useless railway station and bleeding even more wealth out of the impoverished once-kingdom.


Equestrian Bob is an outstandingly nasty griffon. In spite of his gentlemanly mannerisms and faux-regal voice, he remains a temperamental and violent individual who lashes out at the objects of his hatred the moment they turn their backs. It is believed he adopted the title "Duke of Doom" simply to provoke the word "duck" from his enemies and give him an easy excuse to shoot them down.

In agreement with his "Equestrianism," Bob makes habit of adoring the princesses who rule the land and condemning Griffonstone for lacking the guiding light of royalty. He revels in the company of ponies and menaces his fellow griffons, viewing them as little but lawless barbarians. In return, they know him as a contemptible traitor.

Additionally, Bob is known to be outstandingly callous where other species are concerned. He reportedly shoots buffalo on sight, and he can say little about goats without bringing up the subject of their pungent musk. All but the ponies of Equestria are either dirty or savage to Bob.

On occasion, when Bob is particularly flustered, he reverts to his old Trotney accent.


Red CabooseEdit

Until his arrest, the president of the Eastern Friendship Express employed Equestrian Bob to harass the company's enemies and ensure that its secrets remained murky.

Captain OrbitEdit

Bob respected the heroic stallion Captain Orbit until such a time came that the Power Pony investigated Red Caboose's criminal negligence concerning the steel of his rails. Thenceforth, Bob has despised him and his "reptile."