Kind Robot
Residence New JLE Headquarters
Nicknames Extron-1
The Crimson Cowl
Sex None (Identified as male)
Inspiration Ultron
Powers Super-strength
High intelligence
Powerful plasma weaponry
Rocket powered flight
Expert hacking abilities
Technopathic immunity
Extended knowledge of each JLE member
Complete control over innumerable drone
Weakness None
Resistance Blunt trauma
Conventional weaponry
Secret identity None
Theme None
Player ShadowPirateX
"You are a puppet. Tangled up in... Strings..."
— Extron to the rogue Acolyte 2.0

Extron is a highly intelligent, sentient combat robot. Built from the cyborg body of Hoovert-Kill and parts from Omega Z's robot army, he has been programmed with the purpose of bringing absolute peace to Equestria. No matter the cost.


Extron was created by The Justice League of Equestria's science team while supervised by Hell Phoenix to counter the recently surfaced Omega Z and his army of robots and cyborgs. Extron's body was created from the remains of Hoovert-Kill's cyborg body and Omega Z's robot soldiers, both common grunts and elite fighters. His A.I was based of Captain Orbit's brain and programmed with the directives of dealing with any threats to the Power Ponies and bring absolute peace to Equestria.


Extron has a calm and collected, almost emotionless, demeanor. He calculates every single detail of things that happen around him and often acts accordingly to the situation.

After upgrading himself into Extron-5 his personality underwent a significant change. His voice changed from the usual monotone and robotic to a mix of robotic and organic. He no longer speaks in short, "straight to the point" sentences and instead speaks out fully. He has recently come to the conclusion that the only way to achieve true peace is to destroy the conflicts at it's source; Every living being.