Force Filly
Kind Earth pony
Residence Maretropolis
Crystal Empire (formerly)
Nicknames Eroma
Parlys's masterpiece
Sex Female
Inspiration Power Girl
The Creature
Princess Amore
Powers Super strength, stamina, and endurance
Instant manipulation of momentum by contact with object
Manipulation of forces on own body, enabling flight
Hurricane force super-breath
X-ray vision
Anti-magic circlet
Weakness Electricity, distraction
Resistance Force, illusion, magical assault
Secret identity Apical Eroma
Theme None
Player Grovyle
"What are you lying down for? You're perfectly unharmed. I can tell."
— Eroma examining Sylvia Mists with the benefit of X-ray vision

Force Filly, called Apical Eroma by her creator Parlys the Pale, is a super-pony generated by a synthesis of powerful magical techniques in the image of the late Princess Amore.