JLE Headquarters
Function Power Pony base of operations (formerly)
Setting Southern Maretropolis
Areas Control room
Orbit's room
Goldfin's room
Freeheart's room
Vandle's room
Training simulator
Acolyte's lab
Hot tub
Authority Captain Orbit
Other residents Goldfin
The Vandle
The Butler
Obscure Acolyte
Hell Phoenix

The JLE Headquarters, also called the Tower, was a building in southern Maretropolis that served as the base of operations for the Justice League of Equestria. Due to regular Maretropolitan threats by supervillains and the JLE's response to such threats, the building frequently comes under attack by ponies attempting to destroy it or claim it as their own.

After fending off numerous such incursions, Captain Orbit ordered the headquarters' evacuation and self-destruction, and he had the Justice League relocated to a new headquarters in the sky.