Lady Justice
Sierra (Mission uniform)
Kind Unicorn
Residence Manehattan
Sex Female
Inspiration Captain America
Powers Super-strength
Indestructible shield
Advanced magic spells
Weakness None
Resistance None
Secret identity Sierra
Theme None
Player Amelia

Lady Justice is always out to seek freedom and peace in Equestria. She is known as Manehattan's protector, but she is always there to lend a hoof to others in need of help.


Sierra is unicorn mare from Manehattan. A few years ago, She worked in a science lab along with many other ponies, helping create inventions for many different cases. One day She came across a super serum that was put away in deep storage. It was once tested on an pegasus, but caused the pony to transform into a monster, bringing harm to the citizens, which gave the princesses no choice but to have him banished to a far away land. Because of her curiosity, She tested it, almost killing herself. But before major side effects had accrued, she managed to cast a resistance spell on her body. After the serum finished, it gave her super strength, and she even gained a magic boost, giving her more possibilities to spells that no normal unicorn could achieve. A few days after she gained these powers, she tested a new spell on a Shield she made, it became nearly impossible to destroy, And with that, she used it as her weapon in action. after she trained up her powers for a few months, she committed herself to keeping the city safe from outsider's harm. After the fall of Manehattan, Sierra was recruited by C.H.A.M.F.R.O.N. for further investigation on the city's destruction.


Lady justice is known as a peacekeeper, always seeking to bring happiness and safety to her fellow citizens of manehattan, and any other city she may be needed in. She's kind, caring, and always risking her life to save others. She continues to fight for world peace endlessly, even if that day never comes. She can also be stubborn on rare occasions, if it means peoples lives are at risk.


Amelia Edit

Residing in the same city, Lady Justice has known Amelia for years, but when she left her home because of her inner darkness, she started searching for her and eventually found her months later wielding an Alicorn Amulet. Lady Justice is currently trying to help her overcome both the amulet's temptation and her darkness.

Parlys the Pale Edit

Lady justice met Parlys when he was causing trouble in the city. when she made herself noticed to him, he immediately desired her beauty in his collection of portraits, which caused her to strike at him. He was eventually taken down with the help of the Power ponies, but still lives, leaving Sierra cautious about his remaining.