Neighson Wynn
Kind Pegasus pony
Residence Neighson Wynn's office
Nicknames Wynnie the Pooh
Sex Male
Inspiration Jason Wynn
Powers Genius-level intellect
Shrewd tactician
Expert manipulator
Gifted organizer and ruthless bureaucrat
Proficient in martial arts
Highly skilled marksman
Weakness None
Resistance None
Secret identity Neighson Broderick Wynn
Theme None
Player ShadowPirateX

Neighson Broderick Wynn is one of Equestria's most politically powerful persons, with several politicians troughout the goverment on his payroll and he's the director of the umbrella agency, the Equestria Security Group. He also runs a heavy trade within the black market and has formed himself several underground alliances. He's cold, calculating and utterly ruthless. He has no regard for anyone's life, unless it benefits him.


Neighson Wynn was the one who orchestrated the events that turned the bounty hunter Dark Shadow into Hell Phoenix.


Neighson Wynn is ruthless, uncaring and cold hearted. He will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way, is no longer useful to him or who's death will benefit him. He's a very power hungry individual who has no second toughts on abusing his power to accomplish his goals.


Hell PhoenixEdit

If there is one JLE member Wynn despises, it's Hell Phoenix. The bounty hunter, now Hellspawn, has been a torn in Wynn's side for quite some time. Hell Phoenix has often gotten in the way of Neighson Wynn's shady operations and has clashed numerous times with Wynn's cybernetic supersoldier Hoovert-Kill.


Bayne, along with Hoovert-Kill, is one of the few people Neighson Wynn trusts (At least a little). Neighson Wynn has a long history of hiring Bayne for many of his agendas and the two seem to come along relatively well. Mostly because Wynn provides Bayne with fundings and technology, while Bayne provides Wynn with extra musclepower and Venom.