New JLE Headquarters
Function Power Pony base of operations
Setting Sky above Maretropolis
Areas Control room
Orbit's room
Goldfin's room
Decibelle's room
Vandle's room
Training simulator
Acolyte's lab
Hot tub
Heroes' Hall
Medical wing
Teleport chamber
Authority Captain Orbit
Other residents Goldfin
The Vandle
The Butler
Obscure Acolyte
Hell Phoenix

The new JLE Headquarters is a large base that floats in the sky over Maretropolis. It serves as the Justice League's new base of operations after the original headquarters were destroyed on Captain Orbit's orders.

The base was jointly constructed by Pegasus ponies and zebras, and its structure is comprised mostly of cloud and lightweight steel. Many of the original headquarters' facilities and luxuries were recreated for the new HQ, with various new features included. It does not have as many floors as the original HQ, but the wide-open space of the sky allows for greater facility reach.