Blue Shield
Kind Earth pony
Residence Maretropolis General
Sex Female
Inspiration None
Powers None
Weakness None
Resistance None
Secret identity None
Theme None
Player Imperfect

Blue Shield was the chief nurse practitioner at Maretropolis General as well as the hospital's de facto bouncer. During her days as a nurse, she kicked both the Wanderer and NeoBay out of the institution for their unorthodox methods and general rowdiness. To facilitate this duty, especially with Breakdown roaming about, Doctor Mid-Nite confiscated NeoBay's bazooka after this incident and stowed it in Blue Shield's locker.

Presumed deceased following the hospital's Vampire Venom attack, Blue Shield was later revealed to be a disguise of C.H.A.M.F.R.O.N. special ops agent Masquerade.