Shrouded Apostle
Kind Unicorn
Residence New JLE Headquarters
Nicknames SH
Sex Male
Inspiration Batman
Powers Short-range teleportation
Superb swordsmanship
Numerous gadgets and tools
Weakness Stress
Resistance None
Secret identity Strongheart
Theme None
Player UnknownProdigy


Strongheart is the elder brother to Obscure Acolyte, son to Ironheart and Gleaming Sapphire. When he was very young, a monster named Incubus attacked Strongheart. The monster Incubus planted itself inside of Strongheart's mind, feeding off Strongheart's happiness, turning the foal into a heartless monster. On a trip to the beach, Strongheart jumped his brother whilst Silverheart was playing near the water's edge. Incubus forced Strongheart to hold Silverheart under the water, effectively drowning Silverheart. Strongheart left his brother, thinking he was dead. Unfortunately for Strongheart, Silverheart was not dead, as he was blessed by a creature who called herself Time. Silverheart revived. Strongheart and Silverheart managed to keep a distant relationship during the rest of their childhood, as Incubus had already sown itself inside of Silverheart, realizing that he was the strongest of the two brothers. Strongheart never quite recovered from the trauma of Incubus invading his mind. When his parents died in a tragic accident and after finishing at university, Strongeart ran. He hid in the alleys of Maretropolis, his mind shattered. He took on the name Shattered Soul and with basically no inhibtions, starting picking ponies off at random and brutally murdering them. When Shattered Soul entered his thirty-third year of life, his brother, now donning the name Obscure Acolyte, and possessing the powers of Nightmare itself, tracked down his brother. Shattered Soul was found and the two brothers battled to the death. Eventually, Acolyte overwhelmed his brother, slashing his throat with his black dagger. Acolyte left his brother for dead, thinking the strike had been deadly, but he had been mistaked. The blade has missed any major artery and Shattered Soul lived. The angels also thought he had died and locked the poor stallion in Tartarus for five long years, not knowing that he had never died. He suffered for three years of agony, but finally managed to break free. He was caught and thrown back into prison by the angel Lamentations. He was locked there for two more year, until Eris unleashed him. This time Strongheart was not dragged back, and he walks the surface now, trying to live down his past sins.