Spring-Hoofed Jack
Kind Earth pony
Residence Maretropolis
Nicknames None
Sex Male
Inspiration Luke Cage, The Half-Face Man, Spring-Heeled Jack
Powers Heightened senses
Super-high jumps
Weakness Dog whistles, high-frequency sound
Resistance Firearms, low-frequency sound
Secret identity Unknown
Theme My Grandfather's Clock (Five Nights at Freddy's 2)
Player Iliketheflimflambros
"Cowl! I am no force from Heaven Nor Hell but I am a Demon In my own right! Fight me less you make a mockery of yourself!"
— Spring-Hoofed Jack to Extron

Origin Edit

Spring-Hoofed Jack's story begins with a young Colt, who's mother abandoned him on the streets of Maretropolis. This colt found out he had the ability of Enhanced senses and jumping. He took on the name Spring-Hoofed Jack from what the Daily Wicker referred to him as. Spring-Hoofed Jack was hired by several Gangs, to pick out members of enemy gangs to kill.


Spring-Hoofed Jack is a stallion who cares little about life. He will attempt to kill his target, regardless who he kills to get to them. He likes to make death as slow and painful for his victims as possible. He shows little care about his own life, seen when Hell Phoenix threatened to burn him, to which he replied that his friends wouldn't like it.



Spring-Hoofed Jack seems to dislike Bloodstorm slightly, though it can be extreme,

such as throwing a grenade at him. He seems willingly to team up with him, even suggesting it to take down The Crimson Cowl.


Spring-Hoofed Jack seems to get along with the Mane-aic(s) better than other criminals. He seems to like them, suggesting a smoothie flavor at a nearby smoothie store.