• Digdux

    Initial recruitment reports indicated a trained markspony. He didn't give a name at the session, and no pony asked. There isn't really a reason to do these kinds of things when we're just hiring muscle. This was the pony that would lead us to Ghost.

    The markspony, handle Archer One, was asigned to a spotting and sniper team with the goal of locating, and if nessicary, eliminating Griffonstone border guards. There were three such teams for the operation, each moderately skilled, and more than enough for the heist of gold from the griffon mine. While blood gold isn't tradeable in Equestria, it can be melted down externally and smuggled into cities as jewlery, and then laundered from there.

    The operation proceeded smoothly, security was light. …

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  • Digdux

    In-Universe Index

    June 16, 2017 by Digdux

    Computer Server: Subject 0030

    Last Report on Trotsylvania

    Thrush's notes on Ghost

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  • Digdux

    Dear Princess Celestia,

    It is much to my regret that I cannot remain at this fascinating island. The growing tensions between your royal highnesses seem to have caused the native ruling body to become less than hospitable, and I fear for my life.

    As this likely will be the last record of the state for some time I want to put down as much detail as I can about Trotsylvania, its political state, and its economy so that when we hopefully resume trade, we will be familiar with their own small nation.

    Despite its small population, the economy is impressive, focusing on the export of valuable metals and salts, including Platinum, Gold, Silver, Nickel, and over a dozen kinds of chemical salts. It then uses these riches to employ its various Counts a…

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  • Digdux

    Subject 0030 was acquired as part of a plan by middle management to infiltrate the Magical Associates for the Advancement of Ponykind henceforth to be referred to as MAAP. Management reached the conclusion that the organization was interfering with the primary goals of the Organization, and had to be checked.

    Subject 0030 was obtained through use of the Puppeteer Project in a straight froward kidnapping, the details of which are insignificant to the rest of the report. Subject 0030 was then smuggled from Canterlot to Ponyville through use of the Neighagra Fall, where she could then be safely transported by train to Manehattan. At this point prior to her storage and initial testing, the first memory and backup was created, so that any errors…

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  • Digdux

    Off in the distance are a pair of odd looking bat ponies, one's coat is a deep crimson, and the other's is a shade of dark grey. Both are wearing black fur trimmed cloaks, with the hoods down, revealing two pair of razor sharp fangs, and red eyes. Slightly poking out from beneath their cloaks, are not pegasus wings, or even bat pony wings as Kick would recognize. No, the set of wings, just barely poking out from under the cloaks are dragonlike.

    Name: Count Canter Di Dracaru/Little Bra-ver

    Kind: Pegasus/Vampony

    Residence: Trotsylvania

    Sex: Male

    Inspiration: Dracula, Nightmare Moon

    Powers: (proficient < skilled < expert < masterful < legendary)

    • Supernatural Physical Abilities
    • Nightvision
    • Vampony Magic

    Weakness: Sunlight?

    Resistances: Physical Attack


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