I was considering getting into this and so I did some thinking, and then some writing and then this happened.

Where a bad acorn taken root

Or was it a tree, the point is moot

Yet here we are our story began

By this unremarkable piece of land


A clever pony approached this plot

Worried by what this place would wrought

To the tree he nailed a sign

And drank from the pool, which tasted like wine


And so he left the place that day

Pulling his cart in the very same way

Unknown to him what chaos would make

Of the things he left in his wake


Around the nail ‘merged a queen anew

Within that tree her army grew and grew

Until they were finally ready to clash

As they were going to turn the land to ash


Yet chaos has a way of working things out

As from of the cart, an egg did fall out

Into this pool this egg did splash

And so it was gone quick as a flash


Sometime later the queen and her crew

Left to hunt for victims new

 During this time the egg did hatch

The creature was gone before the changelings could catch


It was a phoenix dark as night

But it was still a sorry sight

Warmth it could not find in the sun or moon

Nor in fires that would bloom


And so it flew on wings of starlight

Searching for something to make things right

After much time has passed

She came upon some ponies at last


Undetectable she crept upon

So they had no idea what was going on

And yet they had no need to fear

Because what she found brought her cheer


Warmth came to her fast

Basking in the feelings of ponies past

Their passions warmed her chilly heart

Even their fears caused her to start


She stayed with them for a day and a night

Always undetectable, out of sight

Shortly after some changelings attacked

And left her party out of whack


Once day has passed she felt some pain

As she realized warmth she could not gain

Her party was but empty husks

And so she began her hunt at dusk


Undetectable was she, invisible to sight

And swiftly she flew to chase the blight

Once they were found and rent asunder

She quickly worked to loot her plunder


Much warmth she found, but it faded fast

So she found her party where it would last

She gave them her warmth and watched them renew

Until they were almost the very same crew


Exhausted was she from such an act

And so she hid in a pack to nap

Within that day they reached a city

Yet for all the stone it was rather pretty


Up she flew searching for a tower

For which to claim her bower

She found a pony, crazy he be

With a long white beard down to his knee


It turns out he could see her, try as she might

To hide from his blind eyesight

Fun they had for however a brief time

Until it became time for that pony to die


Nasty it was, a thing of chills

A murderer who wanted to pay his bills

A theft it was, “gone wrong” they said

Yet it didn’t matter because the poor pony was dead


Greif she felt, and anger that too

She plummeted through the tower, her hunt began anew

Walls could not hide him from her talons she knew

Within her heart, a fell darkness grew


She found him quickly and delighted in his fear

As he knew she would rip him ear from ear

And yet something she found that made her pause

And lose faith in her only cause


A foal there was, asleep in a crib, unaware of her presence therein

Should this creature suffer for the poor pony’s sin?

Gone was the phoenix from the home that night

And yet outside there was a terrible fight

Bones mend when they break

But a life one does not idly take


She found her calling there at last

Stopping monsters of the past

So that there will be warmth you see

For ponies like you and me 

Let this serve as a cautionary tale

If against justice you do rail

As comfort you can never take

If evil follows in your wake

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