Ironwork's family were a well known group of blacksmiths, while their ability to forge metal was impressive, their real talent lied in a rather obscure branch of magic, soulsmithing, the ability to bind a soul to a material object. These soulbound, were stronger, and far more durable than similar items, a plow that would last 5 years would last for 50 if soulbound, never losing its edge. Ironwork's parents used pieces of their own souls for such crafts, eventually perishing before their time due to such magic. Ironworks had his own ideas about the craft, by binding an evil soul to an object, he could prevent (or at least reduce) its ability to harm others, while also forcing it to fulfill a good purpose. With this in mind, he headed to Maretropolis, where evil beings prayed on the weak, looking for a soul of great evil, that he could bind for a source of great good.

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