Name: Captain Nero

Kind: Earth Pony

Residence: The Neightalus

Sex: Male

Inspiration: Captain Nemo

Powers: (proficient < skilled < expert < masterful < legendary)

Masterful Engineering

Masterful Scientific Genius

Legendary Wealth

Expert Swordplay

Command of the Neightalus

Weakness:Physical Attack

Resistances: none


Background: Captain Nero isn't exactly a person, it is a title, carried by many different ponies for hundreds of years. However they all share a few traits. They all hate the empire of Equestria for its imperialist expansion, they all shared the same cutie mark, that of a nautical wheel, and they all shared some kind of bond with the Neightalus, a massive submarine, rumored to be the size of a small town. The Neightalus itself is a technological marvel, having been worked on extensively by Captain Nero and his crew for a very long time.

Origin: The first Captain Nero was a naval captain outside of Baltimare, however he grew distraught over the empire's expansion into the Crystal Empire and eventually turned to piracy to help those who could not stand up to Equestria's might. He and his crew went rouge and began to pillage up and down the eastern coast of Equestria. After seizing a large amount of loot from the formerly small town of Manehatain it is rumored that he started construction of the the Neightalus, which he uses to explore the seas, and met out "justice" to the subjects of Equestria.


Nero is a calculating and skilled Captain, and not afraid to get his own hands dirty to facilitate his goals. He resorts to piracy to harm Equestria's shipping, and isn't afraid to hide his unfavorable traits behind a mask of politeness, until it is time to raise his own colors.



Nero sees Goldfin as an anomaly, a creature of the sea that lives on land. Perhaps she can join his cause, if she refuses she can still be a great help, as even the Neightalus has limitations in some areas.

Clear See:

Nero sees Clear See as nothing more than a navigational asset, he doesn't buy into the rumors surrounding her as much of the crew does. He just thinks she can help him with his purpose of using the riches of the deep to defeat Equestria.

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