Cold Cash

Cold Cash...Coat: Pale Green, Kind: Earth Pony.

A former industrialist and mining foreman turned business-pony and exotic goods trader, Cold Cash operates out of Manehattan. While the pony has had a few brushes with the law, he turned over a new leaf when he became a trader of exotics. He has been recently spotted at several charity dinners for the homeless and poor, and has made considerable contributions towards setting up shelters and orphanages in Manehattan, along with assisting and cooperating with Manehattan PD in their ongoing conflict with both the Hooves, and Claws.

-Computer's Reference

Name: Cold Cash

Kind: Earth Pony

Residence: Manehattan

Sex: Male

Inspiration: The Penguin

Powers: (proficient < skilled < expert < masterful < legendary)

  • Expert Charisma
  • Expert Business-Pony



Weakness: He's a regular Earth Pony.

Background: An industrialist and trader, Cold Cash knows his way around money, and was the primary instigator of a plot to kidnap one of the Power Ponies, to sell for money. Working with the mysterious Specter, whom he calls Big Boss, and Ghost. Cold Cash was involved in the opportunistic capture of Decibelle, following the destruction of a warehouse. Despite the Power Pony's dislike of him, he sees his own actions as...Good Business.

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