Count Canter Di Dracaru

Off in the distance are a pair of odd looking bat ponies, one's coat is a deep crimson, and the other's is a shade of dark grey. Both are wearing black fur trimmed cloaks, with the hoods down, revealing two pair of razor sharp fangs, and red eyes. Slightly poking out from beneath their cloaks, are not pegasus wings, or even bat pony wings as Kick would recognize. No, the set of wings, just barely poking out from under the cloaks are dragonlike.

Name: Count Canter Di Dracaru/Little Bra-ver

Kind: Pegasus/Vampony

Residence: Trotsylvania

Sex: Male

Inspiration: Dracula, Nightmare Moon

Powers: (proficient < skilled < expert < masterful < legendary)

  • Supernatural Physical Abilities
  • Nightvision
  • Vampony Magic

Weakness: Sunlight?

Resistances: Physical Attack


One of two vamponies coming from the island of Trotsylvania, not much is known about the Count, and even less about his older brother.

(RP notes accent: w->v, th-> z u->oo)

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