So... what's the gig.

Name: Deep Heart

Kind: Earth Pony

Residence: Manehattan

Nickname: ???

Sex: Female

Inspiration: Jason Bourne, Deadshot, Rorschach

Powers:(proficient < skilled < expert < masterful < legendary)

  • Masterful Physical Combatant
  • Master level training hoof to hoof combat
  • Master level training in firearms and gadgetery
  • Access to the latest in technological equipment
  • Near Supernatural reflexes


  • Elderly, no longer as spry as she once was
  • Retired/inactive


  • Physical Attack

Theme: Mission Impossible theme


Deep Heart has been engaging in industrial sabotage the world over, taking contracts for the highest bidder, and selling secrets, technology, while also engaging in kidnapping, assassination, and other plots. Not many ponies in her line of work, live to be her age without ending up in prison. Deep Heart is one of the best, even if she left the business

During one of her contracts to Trotsylvania, Deep Heart had a run in with vampire ponies, and fell for their predatory nature, and while her contract was successful, she decided to retire from her dangerous job and join Captain Nero on the Neightalus, where she had Blue, first using her nursing experience, and then later her other skills, to help the crew and ship. She served as head nurse on the vessel where she gained the respect of the then nurse in training Warmheart.

Now Retired and living in Manehattan, Deep Heart has her life of crime behind her, and a very large nest egg to keep her occupied into the rest of her life.

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