Name: Unknown, (uses the handles Ghost/Specter/Null)

Descriptors: Nondescript tan pegasus without any significant marks, average height, average build, uncannily calm demeanor. I've personally passed hundreds of his type shopping for groceries. Cutie Mark, a coin with a large hole in it.

Status: Likely dangerous. Precautionary Supermax status. Suspected of over three dozens accounts of murder, and of being a professional hit-pony for unknown benefactors. If this is the case, he is a marksman and assassin, approach with extreme caution.

Background: Caught in a sting, results still ongoing. Unknown, possible royal guard service. Held in high security, but socialized, in hopes of learning more, ultimately unsuccessful.


Name: Ghost

Kind: Pegasus

Residence: Manehattan Prison (formerly), Manehattan

Sex: Male

Inspiration: Deathstroke (DC), Deadshot

Powers: (proficient < skilled < expert < masterful < legendary)

  • Legendary Marksman
  • Legendary Stealth

Weakness: Unknown

Resistances: none


This pony came out of nowhere, a killer for hire, asking exorbitant amounts of money for his contracts. However with a near flawless success rate. The few who used his services were left quite satisfied.

He was eventually captured, like so many other killers for hire, by the police running a sting operation, though his equipment, personal identity, and any kind of evidence further linking him to the killings, has yet to be found. Never convicted of murder, only of conspiracy to commit, a joke that brought a smile to this grim pegasus's face.

Recently he has escaped from Manehattan during a Supermax criminal train crash, and has been seen working with Specter, and likely the Hooves.

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