Name: Ironbeak / Ole Ironbeak

Kind: Griffon

Residence: Manehattan

Sex: Male

Inspiration: Auron (FFX)

Powers: (proficient < skilled < expert < masterful < legendary)

  • Masterful Claw to Claw Combat
  • Skilled Leader
  • Legendary Strength
  • Supernatural Reflexes
  • Masterful Stealth and Fieldcraft

Weakness: Injured left talon and eye

Resistances: Physical Attack


Background: Ironbeak was formerly a captain of the Silver Griffons, an elite covert force. However after disagreements within the organization he was exiled for an unknown reason. He headed to Manehattan to carve out a place for himself among the griffon immigrants, and founded the Claws, a gang who formed in response to the previously established Hooves.

The Claws gained great momentum in taking Manehattan before the Hooves eventually managed to acquire firearms and other technology, possibly from a crooked cop, or from the police themselves. Eventually their territory was reduced to half its size, limited to the coastline, the boardwalk, the harbor, and docks. Despite this, Ironbeak has an acute knowledge of the abandoned sections of the subway which his gang uses to move around Manehattan unchecked. As there is little more terrifying than a massive battle scarred griffon silently gliding down out of the darkness, claws extended.


Ironbeak is a lifelong solider taking part in more battles than can be counted, and his injuries leave no doubt as to his courage. Unlike the leader of the Hooves, Ironbeak prefers to get his claws dirty, and with his knowledge of countless military campaigns. The Claws, or his team as he calls them, can hold their own against the Hooves despite the latter's advantage in technology and numbers. He is quite gruff, and takes no nonsense, but is willing to think, and aware that with a little money, he could easily turn the tables on the Hooves, and seize the city's underworld.



Ironbeak sees the other large gang in Maretropolis as nothing more than a rival group. With a little funding he can easily drive them out of the city.


Ironbeak sees the police as an annoyance, they blatantly favor the Hooves, and just make it inconvenient to move goods around, even if they do little to actually stop his operations. They are cowards, the lot of them.


If there is one creature that gives Ironbeak pause it is the Crow. He is unsure whether she is a territorial monster or an agent for some other group, but after a few clashes with the phoenix and a scarred eye to show for it, losses caused by the creature are chalked up to operational hazards, as the Hooves are likely being hit just as hard.


Ironbeak takes a fancy to Gretchen, being a griffon that is more direct, and bold enough to challenge his own authority. However his discovery of her identity as someone who helps Goldfin, a known Power Pony, caused him to hold Gretchen with a high regard of disdain, and anger.

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