Manehattan P.D File.

Name: Lilly Spots

Descriptors: Spotted pony of an extremely thin build and yellowish coat. Highly dangerous, capable of moving extremely quickly, and engaging in athletic movements above and beyond normal earth pony capabilities, having been spotted running up walls, and leaping officers and vehicles. Cutie mark, a winged horseshoe.

Status: Dangerous, extremely fast, and very athletic. Super-compettive, and likely possessing superpony reflexes. Despite this, she commits crimes for enjoyment, and stolen goods are usually found weeks later. Can be openly approached if non-threatening.

Background: Former star of the Manehattan Mammoths, Lilly Spots was arrested for many accounts of breaking and entering, theft, and high larceny. Despite these crimes and her resistance to arrest, she has been shown to be one of the more docile supermax prisoners, serving her term without complaint. However she is also highly competitive, and known to get into fights with other far larger prisoners. She is being moved due to a doctor's interest in her physic, so that he/she will have easier access to Ms. Spots.

The Cheetah

Name: Lilly Spots

Kind: Earth Pony

Residence: Manehattan Prison

Sex: Female

Inspiration: The Cheetah (DC)

Powers: (proficient < skilled < expert < masterful < legendary)

  • Enhanced Physical Capabilities. (Speed/Agility)
  • Accelerated healing


Resistances: none


Lilly Spots was a track and field star for the Manehattan Mammoths, having both incredible speed and agility, a result of her almost supernaturally fast metabolism. However she soon turned to a life of crime, as no pony could match her raw speed, being able to run circles around the police without breaking a sweat. She said it is just for the challenge.

Eventually Lilly Spots was caught napping after Police Chief Withers, then a simple officer at the time, managed to catch her in the rear with a prototype tracking dart, beginning his rise to Chief.

Spots's stay in her cell has made her wild and not entirely stable, leaving a long indentation around the edge of her cell where she paced non-stop.

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