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Specter/Big Boss

Name: Specter/Big Boss

Kind: Pegasus

Residence: Manehattan, Manehattan

Sex: Male

Inspiration: Hidden

Powers: (proficient < skilled < expert < masterful < legendary)

  • Masterful Reflexes
  • Masterful Stealth
  • Chemical Laced Weapondry
  • Supernatural Control of Ropes
  • Supernatural Flexibility
  • Multiple Specters?

Weakness: Unknown

Resistances: Unknown


This masked pony has been seen by Decibelle after the destruction of a Manehattan warehouse. Specter lured the pegasus into the sewer where he attacked her, successfully kidnapping the mare while fighting off Captain Orbit and Ironworks, with the help of Ghost. 

Specter has been seen in several places in a very short time-frame, having simultaneously been seen fleeing Glaive, and escorting Cold Cash. Decibelle is also aware that there were two of them holding her captive as well, whether or not this is a trick remains to be seen.

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