Tall Tail

Name: Tall Tail

Kind: Earth Pony

Residence: The Golden Hoof Manehattan

Sex: Male

Inspiration: Sports Announcers

Powers: (proficient < skilled < expert < masterful < legendary)

Expert Charisma Masterful Physic City Wide Fame

Weakness: none


Tall Tail was a legendary figure in Manehattan sports, born and raised in uptown where he took an interest in the fledgling sport of Hoofball. Fascinated by a game he and his friends could all play together regardless of race, Tall Tail perused the sport and became part of the Manehattan Mammoths, while his professional career wasn't amazing, the pony soon found a niche in casting the games, moving to Manehattan's premier newscaster and sports announcer. Goldfin might not recognize him, but he was one of the many ponies that covered her brief modeling career.


A sports expert and former athlete, Tall Tail's competitive nature has never really been dampened, sure he's swapped the field for spreadsheets, and sports drinks for business dinners, but the pony is always willing to work hard to bring Manehattan the best sports entertainment possible.


Goldfin: Tall Tail has met with Goldfin, at the local spa and resort, the Golden Hoof. While helpful to Goldfin during a pursuit of Lilly Spots, he and her come from two different fields, even if Tall Tail is familiar with Goldfin due to her status as a Power Pony, and his knowledge of broadcast and news materials.

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