Spoilers things that may not happen, personal notes etc.

Arc Ideas:

Web of Light

In the Pelagir 

Sssecrets in Stone

What lies beneath

Masques, Mirrors and Curtans.

Shadow Stalker: Nightblades

Advice to Young Magicians

Lore? Lies? Rumors?

Owlfight: 04- They Don't Know

By the Sword: On the Edge of the Forest

The Colddrake (SS? Inari?)

Cold Days (Ilm)


Mirror Spell

The Sun Is Also A Warrior

Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni

Severous Snek

Twisted Fate

Manta Ray, Black Manta

Helter Swelter, Heat Wave


Prince P the Powerful

Observation: I-Ponybot

Silva Mysts

Other & Temporary

Status of  Sandy needs definition

Heralds Harpers, and Havoc: Philosophy

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