"Cold be heart and hand and bone, Cold be travelers far from home, They do not see what lies ahead when sun has failed and moon is dead."

Name: Inari

Kind: Fox (Kitsune)

Residence: Frozen North

Nickname: Warden, Deceiver, Enchantress

Sex: Female

Inspiration: Kitsune Mythos, Galadriel

Powers:(proficient < skilled < expert < masterful < legendary)

  • Legendary Enchantress
  • Legendary Illusion Magic
  • Limited Precognition
  • Supernatural Wisdom / Longevity

Weakness: Heat

Resistance: Cold

Theme: Moonlight (Dionisis)

Backround: Inari has long lived within the Frozen Wastes, steering ponies away the dangerous environment, where the fire of friendship do not burn, more so for her disire for privacy than for the safety of the ponies. She guards the wastes by night, careful to make sure nothing within gets out, on orders from Luna, the single pony she holds respect for. After Luna's banishment, Inari cut off all contact with Canterlot. Presently she is only mentioned in books, long forgotten. While her enchantments are strong enough to hold the denizens of the waste for a while, Inari remains there, wrapped in bitterness, though a local legend holds that, anyone who brings nine barrels of cider into the wastes will find safe passage though it.

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