Name: Kirsi

Kind: Earth Pony

Residence: Canterlot

Nickname: The Doll

Sex: Female

Inspiration: Yin (DtB)

Powers:(proficient < skilled < expert < masterful < legendary)

  • Remote Viewing*
  • Telepathy*
  • Water Control*
  • Eidetic Memory
  • Kirsi can move her spirits across water, allowing her to see and hear from up to 7 locations of water at the same time. By moving her spirits into the body of an individual (that contains water) she can read their mind, or project her thoughts. She can also manipulate water to some degree, allowing it to spread out or bunch together, or freeze.

Weakness: Blind, Almost Mute, requires water contact to use*

Resistance: Magic

Theme: Otouto Mitai na Sonzai ~Piano Solo

Background: Born blind, Kirsi grew up separated from her peers, unable to participate in games, until one day she was able to play in the nearby lake. The moment her hoof touched the water, she could see, not just herself and her local surroundings, but if she chose to, she could see miles away, sights and sounds from other places, whether rain in Cloudsdale, or dolphins jumping in the ocean, to the icy plains of the frozen north. She sat there for hours, never moving, just looking out and admiring all these new things, things she could see.

While she was extremely quiet and passive, other ponies eventually caught on that she could "see" and realized she could be a great asset. Kirsi eventually found herself on a boat, looking for other boats, in exchange for helping find other boats, and the occasional drowning sailor, Kirsi, is given food drink and shelter. It might be bad luck to bring a mare on board, but with a little coxing, this mare knows more about the sea than any pony alive, just don't expect her to talk your ear off, or even say anything at all.

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