Figured I would make this, make something a little light and a little airy to laugh about. Take these with a shaker of salt, because almost all of them are funny or cynical in some way.

Captain Orbit - Following the Leader

Goldfin- Perfect Isn't Easy

Decibelle- Oh, Sing Sweet Nightingale

Ironworks- Pink Elephants on Parade

Flashfire- Heralds Harpers and Havoc: Chosen One

Alfredo Whinnyworth- Little Butler Intro

Glaive- Streets Of Gold




Phantomenia- You And Me (Good Company)

Inari- Brother Bear-No way out



Bayne- Gaston

Parlys- You're Only Second Rate

Captain Death-Stalker- yo ho a pirate's life for me

Rat Trap- Trust in me


Princess Celestia-

Princess Luna-

Nightmare Moon-

Princess Cadance-

Discord- A Friend Like Me

Queen Chrysalis-

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