I couldn't stop myself. Here is what our heroes might be called if they weren't ponies/griffons/dragons.

  • Captain Orbit—Pliny Cooper
  • Goldfin—Agneta Goldstein
  • Obscure Acolyte—Sylvester Hardt
  • Hell Phoenix—Mark S. Hadaway
  • Vandle—Jay Jones
  • Decibelle—Debbie L. Freeman
  • Ironworks—Jack Smythe
  • Dazzling Light—Sophie Sky Smythe
  • Flashfire—Ashley Frye
  • Wanderer—Gene N. Clay
  • Glaive—Gabe Blodwen Glaisyer
  • Achlys—Griselda N. Hardt
  • Hawkwing—Hartwin H. Hardt
  • Shrouded Apostle—Armstrong Hardt


  • Madam Former—Amelia T. Pegasus
  • Mane-iac—Jane Napier Nicholson
  • Mid-Nite—Dr. Mitch Nicholson
  • Chance—Chuck Chauncey

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