In light of how much we all had going on during the summer, including a couple of broken monitors and enviable travel opportunities, we did alright. Thus, we press on into the next chapter of the Power Ponies' story. Our heroes' world is far from safe. The story is not over yet.

Maretropolis needs our heroes, and we ought not to keep the city waiting. So, I hereby present to you the September-November blog for their (and our) epic. Adventure awaits... among other things.

Our heroes have made quite a few enemies as of late...

E-Z Recall

  • Part 1 (Outset—Battle of Balkham Asylum)
  • Part 2 (Power Ponies vs. Venom Mane-iac—Return of the Obscure Acolyte)
  • Part 3 (Fates of the Amulet and Provisionary Recruits—Onslaught of Incubus)
  • Part 4 (War on Incubus—Falls of Death Dragon and Acolyte 2.0)
  • Part 5 (Controversy Eluded—Night of the Death-Stalker)

Welcome to Part 6

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