Thus ends our slowest blog yet. Thankfully, things are looking up. Creativity flows again!

With old enemies and old friends showing their faces again, our heroes may well be tested like never before. Power is no longer enough for the Power Ponies, especially now that a certain registration act looms on the horizon. To face the challenges to come, they will need wits and nerves... and maybe even common sense besides.

E-Z Recall

  • Part 1 (Outset—Battle of Balkham Asylum)
  • Part 2 (Power Ponies vs. Venom Mane-iac—Return of the Obscure Acolyte)
  • Part 3 (Provisionary Recruits—Onslaught of Incubus)
  • Part 4 (War on Incubus—Falls of Death Dragon and Acolyte 2.0)
  • Part 5 (Controversy Eluded—Night of the Death-Stalker)
  • Part 6 (Chasing Chance—Parlys Part 2)

Welcome to Part 7

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