I have a idea for a story arc we all can do together once the five or so planned arcs are done. I just wanted to do this arc because, as a kid I loved reading comics. I loved old Sci-Fi monster movies! The thing they have in common is they all are not fully serious, at least not usually. I enjoyed them because of the sense of escapism, like you were going to a new world! It's enjoyable just because of how it's not fully serious! Even if they can be goofy, those movies and books were my childhood. I just wanted to make this arc as a tribute to that in a way, the goofy side of comics. And also as my little contribution to our little community, which I so far haven't added significant things too. I hope you all just think my idea over, not as a fully serious thing, but as something that can be enjoyable. Sort of a break from what is usually a serious RP. A small shift to something a tad lighter.

The vampires from the Alternate world previously visited go into another Alternate world, which contains Martians, who are very similar to the ones featured in HG Well’s War of the worlds, and make a alliance with them in order to take over the normal universe as revenge for the death of the Alternate world version of Ironworks. The story will be set in Trotham. The Martians will use the vampires as foot soldiers, except for the more intelligent vampires.

The vampires are from the AU story arc I created a few months ago that was finished early.

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