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    Pathos Character Blog

    December 14, 2015 by KawaiiKame

    With Phantomenia dependent on other's emotions and the debate between Glaive and Achlys about emotion, I was inspired to make a character named Pathos who gets their magic powers via her emotional state. 

    Name: Pathos

    Kind: Unicorn

    Residence: An apartment of Maretropolis

    Nicknames: Psyche, Feliz, Ira 

    Sex: Female

    Inspirations: Avatar Korra, Anakin Skywalker, Twilight Sparkle, Jean Grey

    Powers: Elemental and energy magic (derived from her emotions), 

    Weaknesses: Pathos' powers are dependent on her emotional state, no emotion = no power, physical attacks

    Resistance: Magic attacks.

    Theme: Ode To Joy

    Anger/passion/fear = Fire magic

    • + When controlled= Electricity

    Peace/Calmness/sadness/= Water magic

    Love/mercy/compassion/accepetance=Light magic

    Hatred=Dark ma…

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