With Phantomenia dependent on other's emotions and the debate between Glaive and Achlys about emotion, I was inspired to make a character named Pathos who gets their magic powers via her emotional state. 


Name: Pathos

Kind: Unicorn

Residence: An apartment of Maretropolis

Nicknames: Psyche, Feliz, Ira 

Sex: Female

Inspirations: Avatar Korra, Anakin Skywalker, Twilight Sparkle, Jean Grey

Powers: Elemental and energy magic (derived from her emotions), 

Weaknesses: Pathos' powers are dependent on her emotional state, no emotion = no power, physical attacks

Resistance: Magic attacks.

Theme: Ode To Joy

Emotions and powers

Anger/passion/fear = Fire magic

  • + When controlled= Electricity

Peace/Calmness/sadness/= Water magic

Love/mercy/compassion/accepetance=Light magic

Hatred=Dark magic. 

Unlovingness/cynicism/apathy= Ice magic

Envy=Plant magic

Pride/strength/courage=Earth (Rock) magic

Freedom=Air magic

Randomness=Chaos magic

Orderliness=Order magic

(All these powers are at there basic level, the more Pathos delves into a certain emotion, the more skilled she will be in a certain magic, perhaps only having a few at the end depending on the choices she makes.) 


Pathos has an unbridled love for innocent civilians and is joyous in their presence, and wants to protect them. However, she also has a vehement hatred for criminals, especially crime bosses and wishes to destroy the criminal underworld. Because of this, she walks a fine line between light and dark, both wanting to protect and destroy.She is a confused and frightened mare, only recently discovering her powers


Pathos was born to a middle class family who did decently until a recession hit, now they barely meet ends meet. She discovered her powers when on the way home from getting grocies she discovered a thug beating a random civilian, and got so scared and enraged she attacked the thug with fire, burning him but saving the civilian. This caused her to be confused and frightened. She is now wandering the streets of Maretropolis trying to find a job and figuring out her powers. She discovered her powers via wearing an ancient artififact.

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