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    April 6, 2016 by Morrigan101
    • Lived in a time before Hearth warming.
    • was a part of a guild of warriors, travelers and traders him fitting in the first category.
    • Has a unique sword called Moonlight Greatsword which was passed from generation to generation until him he got from his father.The sword is said to have been made by a great smith that used the beams of light of the moon to create said sword and then gave it as a gift to one of Oscar's ancestors.
    • in one travel got frozen somewhere for years.
    • powers:his sword can shoot beams of light that can damage enemies.
    • age:28 when frozen.
    • Appearence:Unicorn, dark blue body, grey mane and green eyes.
    • Armor: a cloaked dark armor.
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    Oscar of Canterlot

    April 6, 2016 by Morrigan101
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    making character

    February 25, 2016 by Morrigan101

    things about the character

    • had a good life in Fillydelphia though with not many friends and is a little shy.
    • she got her cutie mark when she was flying in the middle of a sudden thunderstorm and she found she could control thunderstorms very easily.
    • one of her more adventorous friend convinced her to explore some caves near the ocean.
    • they entered a mysterious cave.
    • fell into a pool of water full of magic infused eels where she got her powers because of a strange effect of the eels eletricity and her cutie mark.
    • powers are: Eletricity, elasticity and flight (natural wings).
    • appearance: pegasi,Grey body, dark blue mane, blue eyes and a thunder as cutie mark.
    • her age is 18.
    • name:Coruscantis
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