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  • My occupation is park rat snowboarder, professional viking
  • I am a hecking scary snowman.
  • NoktiKlepto

    Time Out?

    February 1, 2017 by NoktiKlepto

    Dear fellow RPers,

    It's been a long, thrilling, heart-rending ride since the first character blog, and our heroes have been through a lot. The majority probably agrees... it's beginning to show.

    Activity has ground down to quite a slow pace as of late, but at the same time, I think there's something special about this roleplay that has kept the six of us coming back for months and years. There's still a metric buckton in store for the Justice League and its enemies!

    So, to stave off the writer's block and ennui, I'd like to suggest a hiatus for the JLE RP, with the re-start-up date to be determined below. After all, I've seen it work for RPs much less successful than this one. As Mel Gibson puts it: "The pause will inform the choices that you…

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  • NoktiKlepto

    Incoming absence

    June 5, 2015 by NoktiKlepto

    Hey, all.

    I thought I should let everybody know that I have a big trip coming up. Starting on the seventh of June, I expect that my posting will be sporadic at best. This period will stretch for around two-and-a-half weeks, unfortunately—up to the beginning of July. Though I'm hoping for the time and internet needed to visit occasionally, I should hand off control of my characters for when their responses are necessary.

    Any volunteers?

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  • NoktiKlepto

    Goldenheart x Levi

    Goldenheart x Moraearty x A fistful of fitful
    Levi x Scrimshaw Cicero x Oakly x A tankard of ale

    Captain Orbit x Serra

    Decibelle x Hell Phoenix

    Decibelle x Count Canter Di Dracaru ("Ve need a pony for brover mine...")

    Lord Raizel Di Dracaru x Countess Van Ghelfin (of sze Canterpaszian Range, Trotsylfania)

    Countess Nindar x Spearmint (Frivolatile diplomacy.)

    Goldfin x the ocean

    Blue Urchin Heart x Goldfin's fetlock

    Sandy Shores x his cannon

    Flashfire x Nightwhinny

    Strongheart x Nettledew

    Silverheart x Dark Ruby

    Snowy Sky x (Glaive?)

    Sapphire Sky x Cheesecake

    Ironworks x Gungnir

    Ironworks's armor x Gungnir's armor

    Glaive x his glaive x Floof x nobody

    Deadpone x the reader

    Vandle x Captain Orbit (?)

    Rat-Pony x cheese

    Zip Zest x books

    Brokenheart x


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  • NoktiKlepto

    Mareadne Pixnit Bayne - Citrus shot

    Blue Urchin Heart - That big apple pie!

    Butler - Earl Grey tea (alternatively, English Breakfast tea)

    Captain Nero 

    Captain Orbit - Mocha mousse

    Cheesecake - Cheesecake

    Concrete Mixer -

    Count Canter Di Dracaru - Cherry lollipop

    Countess Nindar - Kool Aid Tropical Punch (without enough water)

    Dark Moon - Wedding cake

    Dazzling Light - Cinnamon

    Deadpone - Chimichanga

    Death Dragon - Moldy bread

    Decibelle - Blue Moon ice cream

    Doctor Mid-Nite - Diet soda

    Fili-Second - Cannabis

    Flashfire - Spicy quesadilla

    Glaive - Spearmint

    Goldenheart - Pomegranate

    Goldfin - Salt-rimmed beach cocktail

    Gungnir - Wintermint

    Hawkwing - Bread

    Hell Phoenix - Hot sauce

    Inari - 99% cocoa chocolate

    Ironworks - Dark chocolate

    Levi - Jelly Belly®

    Lord Raizel Di D…

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