Ooohh, yes. It's a thing.

Bayne - Citrus shot

Butler - Earl Grey tea (alternatively, English Breakfast tea)

Captain Orbit - Mocha mousse

Cheesecake - Cheesecake

Dark Moon - Wedding cake

Dazzling Light - Cinnamon

Deadpone - Chimichanga

Death Dragon - Moldy bread

Decibelle - Blue Moon ice cream

Doctor Mid-Nite - Diet soda

Fili-Second - Cannabis

Flashfire - Spicy quesadilla

Glaive - Spearmint

Goldenheart - Sour mango

Goldfin - Salt-rimmed beach cocktail

Gungnir - Wintermint

Hawkwing - Bread

Hell Phoenix - Hot sauce

Inari - 99% cocoa chocolate

Ironworks - Dark chocolate

Long-Face - Sadness

Mane-iac - Lemon-lime soda

Mistress Mare-velous - Red grape wine

Mr. Spearmint - Raw onion

Noci - Dog kibble

Nurse Brokenheart - Unsalted crackers

Parlys - Yogurt-coated raisins

Princess Cadance - Sweet 'n' Low

Princess Celestia - Banana split

Princess Luna - Blueberries (alternatively, blackberries)

Queen Chrysalis - Raisin bran cereal

Saddle Rager - Protein shake

Sapphire Sky - Cherries

Silverheart - Black licorice

Star-Lord - Beer

Strongheart - Gin and tonic

Thunder Wing - Zap apple jam

Wanderer - Coffee

Zapp - Zap apple jam (Move aside, Thunder)

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