What's your OTP?

Captain Orbit x Serra

Decibelle x Hell Phoenix

Flashfire x Nightwinny

Goldfin x the ocean

Strongheart x Moony

Silverheart x Dark Ruby

Snowy Sky x (Glaive?)

Sapphire Sky x Cheesecake

Ironworks x Gungnir

Ironworks's armor x Gungnir's armor

Glaive x his glaive

Deadpone x the reader

Vandle x Captain Orbit (?)

Rat-Pony x cheese

Zip Zest x books

Brokenheart x (maud)

Butler x HQ

Mane-iac x Mid-Nite

Parlys x Queen Chrysalis

Bayne x vengeance

Chance x Cat-Mare

Kitemane x High Heel

Wanderer x coffee

Omega Z x Colthulhu

Extron x OBLIVION!

Nycto x Omni

Discord x Eris

Discord's fist x Parlys's rear

Gretchen x Star-Lord

The Smooze x Smudge

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