Dear fellow RPers,

It's been a long, thrilling, heart-rending ride since the first character blog, and our heroes have been through a lot. The majority probably agrees... it's beginning to show.

Activity has ground down to quite a slow pace as of late, but at the same time, I think there's something special about this roleplay that has kept the six of us coming back for months and years. There's still a metric buckton in store for the Justice League and its enemies!

So, to stave off the writer's block and ennui, I'd like to suggest a hiatus for the JLE RP, with the re-start-up date to be determined below. After all, I've seen it work for RPs much less successful than this one. As Mel Gibson puts it: "The pause will inform the choices that you make." I, personally, would rather come back with fresh ideas and enthusiasm than watch our plotlines choke.

So... Please come forward with your ideas and alternatives. I look forward to seeing what you think. (hmm2)

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