• The2ndplayer

    Hero name: Cobblestone

    Oringinal name: Concrete Mixer

    Powers: Material copying (must be a solid) and limited shapeshifting (must keep the same basic shape)

    Kind: Earth Pony

    Gender: Male

    Weakness: Same as whatever material he becomes (can rust or be attracted by a magnet as metal, burned as wood, etc.)

    Residence: Maretropolis

    Origin: Concrete was a simple pony. Being a construction worker in Maretropolis, there was never a shortage of work to do and he always made sure to do it well. Despite it being a seemingly hopeless endeavor, he sought to bring at least some good to Maretropolis by ensuring every citizen could have a decent roof over their head. One day, his company was contracted to construct a few homes. His employers wanted him to rig them…

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  • The2ndplayer

    The invasion

    January 5, 2016 by The2ndplayer

    I'm planning on trying out my first attempt at creating a set of villains for the JLE to face and am looking for input.

    Some members of Breakdown's kind come to Equestria to do what he failed to do.

    They will be arriving in the Frozen North and heading to YakYakistan as their first destination. Someone will be needed to take up the role of the Yak king.

    They will posses the power to merge together to make themselves even stronger.

    There will be no whales.

    How many there are.

    What they do with captives.

    What the name of the species should be. (They shall be reffered to as Dendrites until a better name is found.)

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  • The2ndplayer

    Power and potential

    August 29, 2015 by The2ndplayer

    This will be a blog rating each member of the JLE (and possibly some affiliates) based on how much power they currently possess and how much room their abilities allow for growth on a scale from 1 to 10. If you think some numbers need to be changed please say so in the comments and explain why.

    Power: 7

    Potential: 9

    Power: 4, 8 (Depending on her proximity to the ocean)

    Potential: 7 (Terror-fin)

    Power: 6

    Potential: 5

    Power: 1, 5, 7 (Depending on proximity to metal and whether or not he's currently wearing a suit of armor)

    Potential: 7 (He could build anything given the resources and neccessary knowledge)

    Power: 7

    Potential: 5

    Power: 5

    Potential: 3

    Power: 5, 6 (Suitless vs. suit)

    Potential: 5, 6-7(?) (Suitless vs. suit again)

    Power: 6, 8 (Normal form vs. d…

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  • The2ndplayer

    HQ layout

    May 23, 2015 by The2ndplayer

    Its time we set in stone exactly what the HQ looks like.

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  • The2ndplayer

    While we do seem to have plenty of villains almost none of them are managing to gather the team's attention. And when they do its normally just for a single battle. This leads to long periods of time that are spent where absolutely none of the chars are doing anything but sitting around doing nothing. So what I propose is gathering a fair sized cast of characters that we can call upon periodically to have some random, relatively small scheme to help fill in these long waiting periods. These crimes would be along the lines of robberies and such. This of course doesn't mean they're forbidden from doing anything big, just that their main role has to be as a sort of filler generator.

    Current suggestions for candidates.

    A ponified (or whatever sp…

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