While we do seem to have plenty of villains almost none of them are managing to gather the team's attention. And when they do its normally just for a single battle. This leads to long periods of time that are spent where absolutely none of the chars are doing anything but sitting around doing nothing. So what I propose is gathering a fair sized cast of characters that we can call upon periodically to have some random, relatively small scheme to help fill in these long waiting periods. These crimes would be along the lines of robberies and such. This of course doesn't mean they're forbidden from doing anything big, just that their main role has to be as a sort of filler generator.

Current suggestions for candidates.

A ponified (or whatever species he becomes) version of this guy The-underminer-the-incredibles.jpg .

Ponified  HYDRA,

Ponified  Jackal,

Ponified  Kingpin.

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