Hero name: Cobblestone

Oringinal name: Concrete Mixer

Powers: Material copying (must be a solid) and limited shapeshifting (must keep the same basic shape)

Kind: Earth Pony

Gender: Male

Weakness: Same as whatever material he becomes (can rust or be attracted by a magnet as metal, burned as wood, etc.)

Residence: Maretropolis

Origin: Concrete was a simple pony. Being a construction worker in Maretropolis, there was never a shortage of work to do and he always made sure to do it well. Despite it being a seemingly hopeless endeavor, he sought to bring at least some good to Maretropolis by ensuring every citizen could have a decent roof over their head. One day, his company was contracted to construct a few homes. His employers wanted him to rig them to easily fall apart for the sake of an elaborate scheme to extort money from citizens. Concrete however refused and was forcibly chained up and dumped into a vat of venom, giving him the ability to transform into almost any material.

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